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 TableBoss is a Restaurant Reservation Joomla! component. It is simple to install, configure and use - it comes with a huge list of features to make your restaurant reservation system paperless and it allows your customers to reserve a table online from your Joomla! enabled website - and it's all very configurable via the admin backend.

Your customers can make their dinner reservations days, weeks or months in advance online, or your reservationist can make them at the door, or by phone. All reservations are stored real-time in a web accessible, centralized database.

You will maximize your restaurant's potential revenue by allowing the TableBoss to optimize the seating. No underbooking - No ovebooking. Minimum table downtime between reservations.

TableBoss is compatible with all major browsers: Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and presently has out-of-the box language translations in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Icelandic and Chinese (simplified). TableBoss is equipped with its own innovative language translation tool that makes it simple to modify any language we provide, or to translate your own in minutes.

Note: If you are using Firefox and have the Firebug Add-On installed, it is recommended to disable Firebug when using TableBoss, as it can result in slower performance.

Main Features include:

  • Make/Modify Reservations On-Line
  • Graphical Table Layout resembling your floor
  • Configurable Hours
  • Average Dining Durations
  • Blackout Dates
  • Database Driven

System Requirements:

TableBoss is not a "stand-alone" product. It is a component developed for use with the Joomla! content management system. As a "database-driven" PHP script, TableBoss requires:

  • Joomla! content management system - all versions of Joomla! are supported, but you should always use the most recent version
  • MySQL database - tested on servers running versions 3.23.54 - 4.1.13
  • PHP scripting support - tested on servers running versions 4.2.2 - 5.0.4

Who Should Read This Book:

This book is intended for the Joomla Administrator.

It will describe how to download, install and configure the TableBoss Plugin. It will also describe how to configure your restaurant, meal service and seating and finally, how to add the menu items for both the front end and back end users.

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