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Once TableBoss? has been installed and configured on your website your customers can make reservations easily on-line in the public frontend using the Reservation Wizard. Your Reservation Manager(s) can make, modify and cancel them in the frontend as registered users using the Reservation Desk.

wiz_1_300.pngReservation Wizard (Public)

The TableBoss? Reservation Wizard leads your customer through a few easy steps to gather the following information based on your restaurant's table availability and operation schedule;

  • Number of guests in the party
  • Reservation Date
  • Meal Service (Lunch or Dinner)
  • Reservation Time
  • Guest Name
  • Guest Phone Number
  • Guest E-Mail
  • Guest Notes

TableBoss? automatically selects the table that best matches the request.

If a table is not open, the customer will receive an instant notification to choose another time.

When a reservation request is satisfied, the customer receives an on screen confirmation and a confirming e-mail. The e-mail contains a link allowing the reservation to be cancelled. The restaurant receives an e-mail notification that a reservation has been made with the details.

A configurable option can require the customer to enter a validation code, sent to their e-mail address, before the reservation is confirmed. This guarantees valid e-mail addresses and eliminates mis-directed reservations.

The Wizard can also be configured to require a secure payment transaction to complete a reservation confirmation.

Reservation Desk (Registered)

Registered users can view all reservations made on line when logged into TableBoss? Reservation Desk. Reservations can be viewed and modified either in a list format, or in the context of the table layout of the restaurant.

maximize.pngnew_animated.gifThe Reservation Desk can be maximized or minimized allowing the manager to view more (or less) information without being constrained to the width of the Joomla! template. The contol is in the upper right hand corner of the Reservation Desk.

new_animated.gifTableBoss allows you to track multiple table states maximizing efficiency during busy times.Whether in the Layout View or The Reservation List, tracking and monitoring table status is intuitively obvious at a glance.

Layout View

Reservation List

Orange tables indicate that the party hasn't arrived for the start of their scheduled reservation (waiting).

Red tables are occupied (active).

Reservation periods that are about to begin are blue (upcoming).

Green tables are available for a new reservation, or a walk-in.

At a glance, grouping in the Reservation List shows table status and timeline, and use of colors let you see whether your party has; arrived for the reservation, is seated, is upcoming or past.

timeline2.jpgClick this clockclock_play.png to indicate when the party has actually arrived for their scheduled reservation. While the table is occupied you'll see this clock clock_stop.png to indicate that the table is still occupied. Clicking that indicates the party has left and the table is ready for a new reservation. This can be done from the Layout View or Reservation List.

This detailed tracking of the reservation is optional. If you don't need to track the actual table usage, turn it off in the TableBoss Administrator and then you won't see any clock and you will simply have Red or Green tables.

In addition to managing reservations made by the customer, the manager can add and manage phone in, or walk in reservations.

Reservations made with the Wizard  versus Reservation Desk  are distinguished in the left column of thelogged_in.png Reservation List.

new_animated.gifA security feature allows TableBoss? to be configured to track who is making the reservation from the reservation desk using 'Switch User'.?? A timer can be optionally configured to force re-login in order to make or change reservations after a set amount of idle session time has passed.? This security feature prevents unauthorized users from changing the reservation database but still allows them to view the information.

TableBoss? refreshes the reservation information constantly from the database since it can be changing from multiple sources. For example on-line reservations may be occurring simultaneously and you may have more than one Reservation Manager. You could have a manager dedicated to taking call in reservations, and you may have another managing walk ins. In any case TableBoss? will be working with you to optimize the seating of your guests. All managers have the latest up to date seating information. TableBoss? comes with a reporting module that allows Gues and Reservation information to be quickly and easily exported to your desktop in CSV and XLS format.

The Reservation Manager can reserve tables to "block" them as needed for special events and for walk in customers. The Reservation can also override the normal restaurant days of operation by using the 'Blackout Day' feature. These days will not appear as an option to the customer making an on line reservation.

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